Heal.ed Tribe is a Not For Profit Organisation supporting youth mental health

The Dandelion

The dandelion is a flower rich in symbolism. Enduring almost any living condition, the dandelion represents those overcoming every hardship by standing strong and proud. For us, this encapsulates the incredible journey of growth, healing and freedom that we wish for all of the beautiful youth that we support.


This beautiful yellow flower and soft white fluff symbolises:

♡ healing from emotional and physical pain
♡ emotional and spiritual intelligence
♡ the warmth and power of the rising sun
♡ surviving through all challenges and difficulties
♡ long lasting happiness and youthful joy &
♡ wishes coming true

What We Do

Please jump across and take a look at our sister company Sumone. Sumone is a social enterprise that offers wellbeing services to our community. Through offering amazing services such as massage, sound healing, kinesiology, reiki and a whole range of workshops and retreats we are able to give these services back to our Heal.ed Tribe youth. Through receiving you give ♡