Meet Our Tribe

A letter from our founder

Hi, my name is Megan and I am the founder and inspiration behind Heal.ed Tribe and Sumone. I am the mother of two incredible and independent young people. I am an entrepreneur, a psychology graduate, a teacher, a kinesiology instructor and a kinesiology and reiki practitioner. I was lucky enough to be a part of Impact Academy in 2018 and during 2019 I was a merit awardee in the Gold Coast Women in Business Awards, Creating Change along with being Westfield Helensvale’s Local Hero. It is true to say that I am blessed in every area of my life and I am surrounded by an incredible community of support.

For many years I have been passionate about supporting our youth. I began my journey as a primary school teacher after completing a double degree in English and Psychology and a Diploma of Education at University of Wollongong. Throughout my twelve years of teaching, I saw many young students struggling with their learning and as a resultopened a tutoring agency specialising in individualised programs of support. I also spent many years teaching personal development through drama and physical education programs to youth of all ages.

Looking for ways to provide further support, I retrained in the modality of kinesiology and have now been working within the health and wellness industry for the past thirteen years, running a successful practice and spending much of my time supporting those in need. As a qualified instructor of Neuro Linguistic Kinesiology, I have also successfully trained in excess of fifty students to become practitioners in this field. I love taking any opportunity that I can to surround myself in community and to help those around me to thrive.

It was within my kinesiology practice that I was seeing more and more young people struggling with mental health concerns and sadly, often, not being able to access the support that they required.  I was seeing youth as young as ten on antidepressants and those in their early teens self harming, developing eating disorders, experiencing suicidal tendencies, restricted through their anxieties and depression and more. It was simply breaking my heart.

I was seeing a large population of our youth becoming more disengaged, with many fighting silent battles that society didn’t seem to understand. Working with these beautiful young people I learnt that is that they all wanted was to be heard, to be understood and to be cared for. I also learnt is that there is simply not enough support.  

Over the past decade I have seen a dramatic rise in youth mental health concerns and sadly my prediction is that we will see these statistics rise in the future. It is our vision, hope and dream at Heal.ed Tribe to draw together a community that supports our young people to be heard, to be understood, to know their worth and to heal. It is our vision to create change and see a brighter future for our youth and Ipersonally would like to thank you for becoming part of that community, our tribe.

With gratitude and love


” Together we can empower communities to create change “



  • Bachelor of Arts, English and Psychology Major – Wollongong University 1989
  • Diploma of Education – Wollongong University 1990
  • Touch For Health Training – 2005
  • Neuro Linguistic Kinesiology Training – 2005
  • Counselling Kinesiology Training
  • NAET Training
  • Neuro Linguistic Kinesiology Instructor Training
  • Butterfly Foundation BodyThink Workshop and Eating Disorder Prevention Training
  • Impact Academy Graduate 2018
  • Gold Coast Women In Business Merit Awardee 2019
  • Westfield Helensvale Local Hero 2019
  • Approved Blue Card Holder
  • Gold Coast Australian of the Year Nominee 2022

Our Mentors

Tarryn Pyers 

Tarryn is a passionate yoga teacher and youth mentor. Tarryn has fought her own battle with mental health and is using her life experience to now help guide and mentor others on their healing journey.

Tarryn inspires healing through mindful movement and breathwork. She is devoted to being the person she wishes she had when she was challenged with mental health.
Tarryn aims to create a safe, nurturing and loving space for our youth to feel seen, heard, understood and at home.

Bree Sullivan

Bree is a qualified Youth Mental Health First Aid Instructor and is a qualified Neuro Linguistic Kinesiologist.

Like all of our mentors Bree has faced her own challenges with mental health and know uses what she’s learnt to mentor other young people and help educate others in the community.

Madison Bartlett

Maddy is 22 years old and is soon to be an accredited practicing dietitian specialising in disordered eating.

She has used her lived experience with mental illness and an eating disorder to fuel her passion for supporting and educating young people.Maddy shares her story to normalise the conversation around mental health and encourage young people to seek support.

Hayley Mason

Hayley is a a qualified NLP Kinesiologist practitioner with a psychology degree.

She grew up on the Gold Coast and is passionate about spreading awareness around mental health & shares her story in hopes to encourage any young person struggling that it is possible to heal.