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With 100% of profits going toward providing essential Youth Mental Health First Aid training for Gold Coast teachers.

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Our Why

Quite simply…. our youth are in crisis!

The latest statistics from Resilient Youth Australia tell us that 40% of high school students and 24% of primary school students have mental health concerns. That is almost a third of every Australian classroom that you enter! Suicide is the largest cause of death amongst our young people and concerns such as eating disorders, anxiety, depression and harming are constantly on the rise. Mental illness is not a choice, it does not discriminate and sadly, it is the first and greatest challenge for many of our youth.

These statistics are scary but unfortunately are very real and sadly in today’s society we all know someone who is affected. On a daily basis, we connect with beautiful young people who are struggling to stay engaged, with family and friends, with school, with self and with life! They fight silent battles, battles that society often, simply don’t understand.

It is these personal stories that break our hearts and it is these personal stories that have led to the foundation of Heal.ed tribe.Each of us deserves to be recognised and be heard. Each of us deserves to understand and value our own worth and each of us deserves to be seen as the beautiful and unique individuals that we are.

This silent pandemic can no longer be denied and as a community we can no longer ignore the issues that confront our youth.

It is true to say that our youth form only a 16 percent of our population however they are 100% of our future. It’s time to create change!

Our vision is to bring together a community that understands mental illness and supports our youth to understand their worth. Our vision is to see a healthy future.

Our Mission

  • To raise awareness and give a voice to youth mental health
  • To raise awareness and give a voice to eating disorders amongst our youth
  • To support youth struggling with mental health concerns through hands on programs and retreat days
  • To empower communities to create change in the area of youth mental health
  • To educate all members of our community on Youth Mental Health
  • To connect our in need youth with community practitioners and support programs and to establish positive and safe connections for future support