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Our Voice

Our Voice is an event that is all about bringing community together to create awareness, understanding and connection.

Our Voice is a project developed organically through the passion and vision of four incredible young women with their own lived experience of mental illness. It is all about bringing community together to create awareness, understanding and connection.

Created by young people, for young people, Our Voice takes a youthful approach to strengths-based education around mental health and positive help seeking behaviours.

We’re leaving behind the the focus on cause-and-effect when it comes to mental health and opening the conversation for every one to feel valid in their experiences.

This year we’ll be taking the Our Voice program into schools, sporting clubs and other youth groups. With a team of young people along with our founder/director Megan Stray we’ll share stories of recovery and hope whilst also providing young people with the much needed tools and resources to advocate for their own mental wellbeing and that of the people around them.

Upcoming Session:

Miami State High School – December

Robina State High School – December 

If you know of, or are a part of a youth organisation that might benefit from this program, we would love to hear from you and to be able to share some more information. 

Youth Retreats

Sunday, August 28th  

Our Youth Retreats are all about creating a nurturing space for young people who are struggling to come and feel seen, heard and supported. We start our days with a form of gentle movement, followed by another activity dependant on the group we’re catering for. Over lunch each young person is treated to a small private treatment, followed by a workshop that will look at our language, along with self-help techniques.

Keep an eye out for new retreat dates being released in the new year. 

Our retreats are completely free of charge with places being offered through schools, youth services and through local referrals to those vulnerable in the space of mental wellbeing.

Youth Empowerment Programs

We know have three Youth Empowerment Programs that run on a Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday afternoon and cater to different ages, interests and needs.

Yoga Mentoring – Sunday Afternoon, Years 10 – 12

Youth Connection – Thursday Afternoon, Years 10 – 12 

Junior Youth Connection – Tuesday Afternoon, Years 9 – 11

Yoga Mentoring

A program that supports a group of  young people through movement, connection and community.

The young people involved join us weekly for a gentle yin yoga session + mentoring with the beautiful Tarryn, 

 Tarryn is at the age of 22 and an amazing yoga instructor. Having had her own lived experience, she is a beautiful mentor for these young people who are experiencing their own struggles.

For now our Yoga Mentoring Program is full, check back in early July, we’ll be bringing together a new group of young people and we would love to have you or your loved one involved.

Youth Connection

A program created for connection and community.

We hold space for an incredible group of young people to come together and form relationships, whilst being guided by a lived experience, peer mentor. 

The young people involved join us weekly for a range of different activities that allow them to express themselves.

This group is facilitated by Bree and Junior youth connection is facilitated by Hayley. Both having had their own lived experience, Bree and Hayley are beautiful mentors for these young people who are experiencing their own struggles.

Both of our Youth Connection Programs are currently open for new participants, for more information, please head to our contact page. 

Youth Mental Health First Aid Training

Youth Mental Health First Aid is designed to give participants the skills to recognise the signs and symptoms of mental health problems and gain the confidence and ability to help our youth in times of crisis. 

We’ve set out to take this program into schools and we hope to make it accessible to teachers across South East QLD and Northern QLD. We’ve just completed a training course with a group of head teachers at Palm Beach Currumbin State High School and in the coming months we’ll be delivering the program to teachers at Miami State High School and Standard Mental Health First Aid for the teachers of Rochedale State School. 

Keep your eye out in the future for programs that incorporate both Our Voice and Youth Mental Health First Aid training. 

A public Youth Mental Health First Aid Course is currently underway, new dates will be released soon for the next training intake.  

If you or you company are interested in completing your Youth Mental Health Training or would like to learn more, follow the link below and head straight to our inbox.